Man up or I'll beat you with my peace prize!
How to make friends 101





1.) Send them anon messages saying ‘expand dong’ for about a week
2.) Ask if they want to know who u are
3.) Tell them anyway
4.) BOOM! Friendship

Thank u to kilimanjunko for teaching me this method
I hope you all make many friend

I’ve got two ‘expand dong’ messages since this

I got one^-^

let’s expand all our friendships like we expand our dongs


me? yeah i watch serious anime [rewatches hetalia for the fifth time]


Hetalia Season 5 Episode 3: Nordic Club Scene

[sorry its so late but this time it isn’t mirrored at least]

Did Sweden introduce himself as “Queer” or is that just my bad hearing…


This basically sums up my emotions regarding Francis Bonnefoy in Season 5 Hetalia.

Francis Bonnefoy causes me emotional distress. 

If they ever animate the Davie strip I will be unable to watch it. 



Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Extra Episode: The Centennial Gift (DUBBED)

Hope you enjoy watching!

France is a GBF England has a Queen for a mum America calls a certain someone their brother Scandalous episode we got here


(◕‿◕✿) ah someone reblogged my post…

(ʘ‿ʘ✿) //goes to their page to look at the tags

Yep~! - Good...Italy, you brought whores
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Hetalia Season 5 English Dub: Magic Club Scene

aphnorwegia here is the magic club scene

[sorry its mirrored ;w; and the quality is meh]